The Day My Mouse Died, Well Almost!

As the owner of a small business, I need all my equipment to work all the time. So when my mouse died a few days ago, I was frustrated and furious.

I had set aside a day to finish some overdue personal projects and by about 10:00 a.m., I had built up a nice rhythm. I was humming along smoothly when suddenly, my mouse just stopped.

I unplugged it. No joy. I plugged in another mouse, nothing. Finally, I logged off, waited a few minutes then logged back on. The cursor just sat there.

My regular computer guy was nowhere to be found and since I still had not transferred all my files to my laptop, it was of no use to me. At least, not then.

I could see the day I had planned so carefully slowly frittering away. Without the mouse I was just as stuck as the cursor, which was now blinking mockingly at me.

For a good minute, I couldn’t think of what to do next. I remember actually saying to myself, what can I do? I had been so focused on the day, I couldn’t think of anything else.

The idea of throwing the darn thing out the window thrilled me for a second. Then I came back to reality.

I felt I had lost an actual body part. When did my computer, and more specifically, the mouse taken over my life like that?

I called my sister in the UK. I hadn’t spoken to her in months. We chatted for over an hour, about my mouse, about my 2 year old nephew, whom I still haven’t met, about life. I realized how much I missed talking to her!

Except for a few people, everyone I talk to regularly is connected to work. When did that happen?

It felt so good to reconnect and laugh that I called my aunt in Canada. I had promised back in July or August to call her about a trip to Montreal I’ve been planning. Now, it was November. Where did the time go?

I checked again, the mouse was still immobile.

Sometimes, for a change of pace, I go to the stores just to look. I couldn’t remember the last time I did. When did that happen? I hadn’t been to the supermarket in a while either. I love to cook but lately, it had become less time consuming to get take out. I decided to go to Marshall’s.

While I browsed the 400 thread count sheets, I tried to reassure myself that nothing serious was wrong with my computer. But then I remembered: it is nearly 7 years old, what if something is wrong?

I rushed back home to prove to myself that I was right. The flipping thing still wouldn’t budge.

In frustration, I turned on the television. Hadn’t done that in a while. It felt indulgent and a complete waste of time. Better to catch up on my reading, I thought. But my mind wandered so I opened the laptop and began checking out computers.

Just then, a friend called. His suggestion: reboot the computer. My mind screamed, I’ve done that a million times, already! Instead, I decided to humor him.

But I think he was the one who probably had the last laugh. He had to tell me what key did what. The keys felt foreign, my fingers felt clumsy. Finally, after about 30 frustrating minutes of what do you see on the screen? what is it doing now? did that work?, I powered on and surprise, surprise, the mouse began moving again, as if by magic.

I can’t remember when I felt so relieved!

Then something else hit me: I had been held hostage by a little thing not even the size of my hand. That can’t happen again. I hate being so totally dependent on anything.

Since then, I’ve copied over nearly all my files to my laptop, I’ve also set aside at least an hour weekly that’ll be completely mouse-free. I need to become acquainted with the keyboard again.

What would you do if your mouse died?


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