Should I self-publish?

As a book publicist, almost everyone I meet tells me they are writing a book or know someone who is. And with the many self -publishing options available, anyone can get their book in print, whether it’s a book of poetry, a novel, or a family story.

But should you self-publish?

Before you decide, here a few things to consider:

  1. You have a deadline: Say you’ve written a story and you have a firm deadline, like an anniversary. Unless you begin way in advance, the schedule of a traditional publisher will probably not lend itself to you getting your book out in time for this deadline. But if you go the self-published route, you could. In addition, unless it’s a story that could have universal appeal, most traditional publishers won’t touch it.
  2. You have a diamond in the rough: Sometimes a traditional publisher might not see the value in publishing your story, like in the case I mentioned above.
  3. You want to get paid: You don’t mind paying the publishing costs because you want to keep all of what you make from book sales.
  4. You want ‘Soup to Nuts’ control: If you are the kind of person who likes to have creative control over the process of producing your book, then self-publishing should be right up your alley. It’s the ‘Soup to Nuts’ approach. You write the book, you decide the format, design, layout, even select the type of font you want (or you can work with someone to do this). You also get to set the price and decide whether you want to print 100 books at a time or 500!
  5. You have published before: If you have published before, you have an audience and name recognition, it’ll be much easier getting those people to buy your next book because they already know you.

If the above describes you, then self-publishing is a good option for you to consider. What do you think?

Next post: When you should not self-publish


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