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Should I look for a traditional publisher?

October 24, 2010

Today’s technology makes it easy and attractive for more and more authors to consider going the self–published route. Skill aside, self-publishing takes an author with a certain kind of temperament.

While traditional publishing has its share of obstacles, many authors believe it provides a stamp of approval to their work. Here’s how to determine if traditional publishing is the right vehicle for you:

  1. You just want to write: Let’s face it, for some authors, DIY ends at finishing their manuscript. If you are one of those authors, don’t even think about self-publishing.
  2. You believe your work will be taken more seriously if it is published by a traditional publisher: The reality is that self-publishing still has a bad reputation. Many authors who self-publish realize its limitations very quickly and wish they had found a traditional publisher.
  3. You want to give your book the possibility of being reviewed by a major press: Unfortunately, at this time, many newspapers, like the New York Times, several smaller ones and even some blogs won’t even consider reviewing a book that is self-published .
  4. You want to have your book available in your local library or bookstore: Many bookstores and several libraries won’t touch self-published books. Some bookstores cite pricing – many self-published books are priced too high for them to make a profit or cannot be returned to the publisher if they are unsold.
  5. Self-publishing sounds like work: If finding an editor, thinking about layout, book cover design, or book distribution don’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, look for a traditional publisher. (more…)

7 Simple Ways to Publicize Your Book

October 9, 2010

Authors always ask about ways to publicize their books. Here are a few simple and free ways I always recommend to get the word out.

  • Email Signature: One of the simplest things you can do to spread the word about your book – whether it’s published or forthcoming — is to include the title, website and where its available for purchase in your email signature. Each time you send an email or reply to one, you are telling the recipient about your book.
  • Take it with you: It goes without saying – have a copy of your book with you at all times or if your book is not yet published, create flyers with the following information about your forthcoming book – title, synopsis, email address, blog or website.
  • Start a blog: A blog is one of the best ways to create a community of supporters – something that first-time authors, especially, need.
  • Write: Write articles on your topic, submit them to article marketing sites like,, etc., and opinion pieces for your local paper. These will go a long way to establish you as an expert in your subject.


  • Review: Review other author’s books. Another good way to get your name out and also create links to other authors.
  • Talk: Talk about your topic, if appropriate, to school, church, social, professional and community groups.
  • Giveaways: Offer a few copies of your book as prizes to your local radio station, church or community or social organizations.


What are some effective tools you’ve used to publicize your book?